Contact Information:


433 East Street Road                                                               215- 674-9445 (office)

Warminster, PA 18974                                                             215-443-7879 (fax)







1985                Ph.D.               University of Pennsylvania, Professional Psychology

1979                M.S.Ed.           University of Pennsylvania, Psychological Services

1975                B.A.                 Pennsylvania State University, General Arts & Science





1983 - 1987                  Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Clinical Psychology.

Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania.


1981 - 1983                  Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

Supervisors: Aaron T. Beck, M.D., Raymond Harrison, Ph.D., and Arthur Freeman, Ed.D.


1979 - 1980                  Individual and group psychotherapy.

                                    LaSalle University Counseling Center.

Supervisor: Peter Filicicetti, Ph.D.


1979 - 1980                  Individual psychotherapy; diagnostic and treatment evaluations.

                        Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

                        Supervisor: Jeffrey Young, Ph.D.


1978 - 1979                  Individual therapy, adult outpatient community mental health.

Northwest Mental Health Center, Adult Outpatient Department.   

Supervisor: Marvin Epstein, Ph.D.





 1982 - Present             Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist.





Specialty Certification:


2014 – Present            ABCBP Board Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology


2013 - Present              ACT Certified Consultant and Trainer (Diploma issued 1/15/2013                            

                                    “Certified CBT Supervisor”).


2001 - 2004                  Diplomate of Professional Psychotherapy.

International Academy of Behavioral Medicine,

Counseling, and Psychotherapy Inc. (Certificate #1931).


2001 - Present              Founding Fellow.

Academy of Cognitive Therapy (Certificate #00456). 



Hospital Privileges:


1982 -  Present             University of Pennsylvania Health Systems

                                                Auxiliary/Allied Health Care Provider Clinical Privileges



Professional Associations:

2014 - Present             American Board of Professional Psychology


2001 - Present             Academy of Cognitive Therapy


2001-  2002                International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling 

                                  And Psychotherapy, Inc.


1999 – Present             Association for Psychological Sciences


1999-  2000                  Prescribing Psychologists’ Register


1995-  1996                 American College of Forensic Examiners


1990 – 2016                 Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Association for

                                    Advancement of Behavioral Therapy).  2015-2016 Member of

                                    Dissemination and Implementation Science Special Interest Group

                                    Serving on Stakeholder Liason Subcommittee.  2015-2016 Member

                                    of Neurocognitive Therapies/Translational Research Secial Interest

                                   Group.  Serving on 2016 Conference Planning Committee.


1990 - Present              National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


1990 – Present             Pennsylvania Psychological Association (Fellow 2001 Certificate)


1985 - Present              American Psychological Association


1983 - 2014                  Philadelphia Behahavioral Therapy Association


1980 - 2014                  Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.







2005 - Present              Limited Private Practice.  Robert J. Berchick, PhD Inc.

                                    Warminster, Pennsylvania. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


1990 - 2004                  Full Spectrum Private Practice.

Warminster, Pennsylvania.

Specializing in individual and group Cognitive BehavioralTherapy for depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, as well as relationship and marital discord.  Offering consultation and educational services to industry, community, and individuals.


1982 - 1990                  Clinical Director.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

Responsible for ongoing clinical, research, education and administrative operations. Representative Department of Psychiatry as Member of the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania Quality Assurance Committee. Supervised Psychology pre- and post-doctoral candidates, foreign guests, as well as PGY-3 and PGY-4 residents.


1981 - 1982                  Assistant Clinical Director.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

Assited, Dr. Ray Harrison coordinate ongoing clinical, research, education, and administrative operations. Supervised pre- and post-doctoral candidates as well as PGY 3 residents.


1980 - 1981                  Clinical Coordinator.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

Assisted in the ongoing clinical operations and supervised trainees.


1979 – 1981                  Clinical Associate and Partner

                                      Bucks Psychology Associates, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

                                                 Provided Diagnostic and Treatment Evaluations,

                                                 as well as provided on-going therapy for couples and

                                                 individuals under the supervision and licenses of

                                                  Drs. Art Freeman and Ray Harrison.


1975 - 1978                  Assistant Clinical Coordinator.

Mood Clinic, University of Pennsylvania.

Interviewed patients and assisted in designing and executing portions of outcome studies.


1975                            Resident Manager, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

Lower Kensington Environmental Center, Philadelphia, PA


1972 - 1973                  Live-in Surrogate Sibling Volunteer.

Philadelphia State Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.

Played a central role in milieu therapy with psychiatric inpatients under the direction of Donald Daiter, M.D, and coordinated the activities of five other student live-in volunteers.





1990 - Present              Senior Consultant.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.



2001 - 2007                  Physician Advisory Committee Member.

            One Health Plan- Northeast Region (Great West).

Responsible for reviewing files of Health Care Providers who had several small or one large malpractice suit against them or whom have been questioned regarding ethical misconduct.  Voted on various quality assurance methodologies.



1994 - 2005                  Senior Consultant and Supervisor, Extramural Post-Doctoral Program.

The Beck Institute, Philadelphia, PA.


1988 - 2004                  Consultant, Hostage Negotiator, as well as Stress and Crisis Management Facilitator, Officer Selection Board Member.

Warminster Township Police Department.



1993 - 1994                 Senior Consultant (Reported to CEO, Marc Benz) for implamentation of

Cognitive and Behavior Therapy in the Adult Inpatient Unit, Dual Diagnosis Unit, Adolescent Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization Units.

Horsham Clinic.


1992 - 1994                  Consultant and Supervisor.

Center for Psychotherapy Research, University of Pennsylvania.

Collaborated with Fred Wright, Ph.D. and Aaron T. Beck, M.D. on the design and execution of a Pilot Study for a comparative outcome research for the treatment of cocaine abuse.



Academic Appointments:


1990 - Present              Clinical Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology in Psychiatry.

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.


1999 - 2005                  Adjunct Faculty.

Doctoral Program in Psychology at La Salle University.  Taught    

‘Advances Cognitive Therapy’.


1996 - 1998                  Adjunct Faculty.

PGY 3 Psychiatric Residency program, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. 

Responsible for the design and execution of the didactic portion of the Psychotherapy Curriculum. Focused on clinical conceptualization, DSM IV assessments, and evidenced based treatments for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Provided semester long courses in brief psychodynamic and behavioral therapies. Taught course on advanced Cognitive Therapy.


1995 - 2005                  Adjunct Faculty.

Master’s program in Psychology at La Salle University. 

Taught the main courses in Psychopathology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Two courses covered substance abuse, depression, and anxiety disorders in depth


1984 - 1988                  Lecturer of Psychology in Psychiatry.

                                    School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.


1982 – 1992                  Clinical Supervisor

                                      Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Pennsylvania.



Other Research Activities:



2004 - 2007                  CBT Consultant, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Treatment of Resistant Depression in Adolescents (TORDIA),

University of Pittsburgh. (PI: David Brent, M.D., Grant MH61835).

Participated in the design and conduct of this study.                                                   



2003 - 2004                  Project Director of the NDI/CCT Studies.

Psychopathology Research Unit, University of Pennsylvania.



1988 - 1989                  Senior Consultant at STAR (Special Teens At Risk).

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

 Medical Center (PI: David Brent, M.D. Grant 46500-01A1)



1983 - 1989                  Project Coordinator.

University of Pennsylvania. (PI: Aaron T. Beck, M.D.)

Coordinated a number of comparative outcome research projects regarding Cognitive Therapy of Panic Disorders.



1978 - 1980                  Part-time Research Assistant.

Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania.

                                                Coordinated major follow-up study of depressed outpatients.


1976 - 1977                  Research Assistant to Aaron T. Beck, M.D.

                                    Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania.

Interviewed patients and summarized research findings for a federally funded project to investigate psychopathological variables in methadone maintenance patients at the West Philadelphia Mental Health Consortium. 


1975 - 1976                  Research Assistant to Aaron T. Beck, M.D.

                                    Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania.

Research assistant on a federally funded grant to conduct a long-term follow-up study of suicide attempters and ideators admitted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia General Hospital.  Interviewed patients, coordinated follow-up program, and summarized research findings.


1974 - 1975                  Undergraduate Research Assistant to Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D.

                                    Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University.

As Student in two Independent Studies under Dr.     

                                                Kazdin, assisted in Behavioral Assessment during on-going

                                                elementary school research projects.



Editorial Responsibilities:


1989 - 1990                  Associate Editor of The Behavior Therapist.

Had primary editorial responsibilities for the “Clinical Notebook” section of this AABT monthly journal.  Under leadership of Dr. Art Freeman



 Honors and Awards:


1980                            Academic Merit Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania.


1979                            Academic Merit Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania.


1975                            Graduation with Distinction, Pennsylvania State University.



 Publications and Papers:


Berchick, R.J. (2013). Forward for Out of Control by Rochelle Pripstein. ISBN 978-0-9886355-0-051500>780988635500


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Sokol-Kessler, L., Beck, A.T., Greenberg, R.L., Berchick, R.J. & Wright, F.D.  (1989).  Cognitive therapy of panic disorder:  A non-pharmacological alternative.  The Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease.


Steer, R.A., Beck, A.T., Brown, G., & Berchick, R.J.  (1987). Self-reported depressive symptoms that differentiate recurrent episodes of major depression from dysthymic disorders.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 43(2), 246-250.



 Lectures and Workshops:   (41 during 1979 -2009)


2009                Presenter, “Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy Practices.”

George Washington Medical School Department of Psychiatry Resident Training Program.


2006                Co-presenter, “Cognitive Therapy with Teens” Workshop.

STAR-Center Conference sponsored by Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh. King of Prussia, PA.


1998                Presenter, “Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: Theory and Techniques.”

LaSalle University, Bucks County Campus.


 1995               Co-presenter with Andre Molchon, M.D. “Cognitive Therapy for Personality   

                        Disorders”.  American Psychiatric Convention, Miami, FL.


 1993               Presenter, “Developments in Cognitive Therapy: An Overview of the

                        Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Disorders.”

                        W.P.I.C.  University of Pittsburgh.


1993                Presenter, “Hostage Negotiations with Depressed Individuals: Practical Common Sense.”

Montgomery County Police Association hosted by Upper Moreland Police Department, Upper Moreland, PA.


1993                Lecturer, “Introduction to Cognitive Therapy for Partial and Alternative

Programs.” (4-week series).

Horsham Clinic.


1993                Presenter, “Introduction to Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse: Towards a

cognitive milieu.”

Horsham Clinic.


1993                Lecturer, “Cognitive Therapy with Adolescent Inpatients.” (7-week series)

Horsham Clinic.


1992                Presenter, “Untwisting Your Thinking:  Cognitive Approaches to the Treatment of Depression.”

HCA Rockford Center's Nourishment for the Mind. Newark, Delaware.


1992                Co-leader with Andrew Molchon, M.D. “Depression in Adolescence”. 

Arlington Township School Board, Arlington, Virginia.


1991                Workshop Leader, “Cognitive Therapy with Personality Disorders.”

                        Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of the University of Pittsburgh.


1991                Grand Rounds, “Untwisting your Thinking: Cognitive Approaches to the Treatment of Depression.”

Dominion Hospital, Falls Church, Virginia.


1990                Symposium for the American Psychological Association:  “Cognitive

                        Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of the Suicidal Patient.”

                        Boston, MA,August 1990


1990                Workshop Leader, “Treatment of Anxiety Disorders & Special Issues.”

MHC Billings, Montana.


1990                Workshop Leader, “Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Couples’

Problems, and Inpatient Depression” Conference, Philadelphia.


1990                Invited Lecturer, “Cognitive Approaches to Anxiety Disorder.” 

                        Northwest Community Mental Health Consortium.


1989                Workshop Leader, “Treatment of Panic Disorders.” 

                        Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.


1989                Invited Speaker, “Cognitive Therapy of Depression.”

                        Philadelphia Psychiatric Center Lecture Series.


1989                Lecturer, “Depression and Disability.”

International Center for the Disabled, N.Y.


1989                Group Workshop Leader, “Cognitive Therapy for Couples.”

                        38th National Conference of the Association of University and College

Counseling Center Directors.


1989                Workshop Leader, “Developments in Cognitive Therapy.”

AHEC, Greensboro, North Carolina.



1989                ***Co-leader, “Marital Therapy Workshop.”

World Congress on Cognitive Therapy, Oxford University (UK).


1989                ***Presenter, “Training in Cognitive Therapy.”

World Congress, Oxford University (UK).


1989                ***Workshp Leader, “Cognitive Therapy for Emotional Disorders”. Royal

Academy of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital, King’s College London, (UK).


1989                 Co-presenter with Fred Wright, “Cognitive therapy with Cocaine Abuse”, AABT


1988                Guest Lecturer, “Cognitive Therapy for Interpersonal Issues.” 

Daroff Campus, Jewish Y, Northeast Philadelphia.


1988                Workshop Leader, “Use of Cognitive Therapy in Settings.”

New Jersey Health Plan, Inc.


1988                Guest Lecturer, “Cognitive Therapy for Outpatient Couples.”



1988                Co-presenter with Fred Wright, “CBT with the Suicidal Patient”, AABT


1987                AABT Poster Session, “Hopelelessness Scale as a Predictor of

                        Ultimate Suicide in an Outpatient Sample”.  Beck, A.T., Brown, G., Berchick,R.,

                        & Steer, Boston, MA.


1987                Workshop Leader, “Cognitive Therapy of Panic.”

National Association of Social Workers.


1986                Co-presenter with Christine Padesky, “Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety and

                        Phobias, AABT, Chicago, Illinois.


1986                Guest Lecturer, “Use of Dreams in Cognitive Therapy.” 

Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.


1985                Guest Lecturer, “Coping with Stress:  Untwisting Your Thinking.” 

                        General Electric Company, Philadelphia, PA


1984 - 1990      Workshop Leader, The Extramural Training Program in Cognitive Therapy.

            University of Pennsylvania.


1983                Guest lecturer, “Cognitive Therapies.”

Villanova University.


1982                Co-presenter with Ray Harrison and Art Freeman,“Cognitive-Behavioral

                         Approaches to Consulting”.  AABT, Los Angeles, CA.


1981                Lecturer, “Cognitive Therapy and the Emotional Disorders.”

University of Pennsylvania's Summer Forum


1980                Guest Lecturer, “Depression.”

Millersville State College.


1979                Workshop Leader, “Cognitive Therapy of Depression.”

                        Northwest Mental Health Consortium.



 Media Exposures:    (10 during 1983-2012).


November 2012           Philly Burbs, “Psychologist’s View on Newtown Tragedy.” (Amanda King).                  


March       1990           Glamour, “Are you too good for your own good?”  pp 164-167.


April         1990            Working Mother, “Good news about the blues.”  pp 16-22.


December 1989           Action News (WPVI-TV); Two-part series on Holiday Blues.


October     1989          CV Magazine, “The Perils of perfectionism.”  pp 44-47.


April          1989           Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, “A brilliant madness.”  pp 15-46.


September 1987           Glamour, “Are you an optimist or a pessimist?”  pp 148-152.


December  1985          Penn Paper, “Surviving the stresses of the season.”  p 5.


September 1985           Ladies Home Journal, “How to beat the blues.”  R-6 to R-7.



February    1983          Germantown Courier Times, “Reasons for Graffiti are off the wall”